Friday, January 30, 2009

Emmy's settled into her new home!

We heard back from Mike at Mid-Michigan Kennels, Inc. yesterday, and Emmy is doing great. He said she has settled in nicely and sounds like he really likes her (he used "sweet girl" and "really nice dog" a bunch of times). Emmy will be training for explosives detection for an airline company. Her job will be to sniff out materials used to make explosives and sit so her handler knows it's there, they leave, and the bomb detection group then enters to handle the situation.

Mike said she's adapted well to being there. She's in training with 5 other labs right now. They get recess three times a day and she loves to play around in their yard.

He didn't mention how long her training will be...but he left us his email so we can follow up with him and get more updates as she progresses.

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