Monday, February 23, 2009

Emmy's Training Going Well

Bill and I received an email from Mike at Mid-Michigan Kennels with an update on Emmy's training! Emmy is doing very well or "WONDERFUL" as he put it. Emmy's brother Emu was also "career changed" from PAWS a few weeks ago and was moved to this same she's got another friend with her. Last week Emmy finished her "odor inprinting"...which I'm assuming means she's learning what explosives smell like. Then as of today she will begin "basic hides"...or finding the explosives in things when they are hidden.

We now know as well WHERE Emmy will be going...drumroll! She will be heading to Manila (in the Phillipines) to work in their airport. She will have her own handler, who will arrive in the U.S. on February 28th. He will work and train with her here for 4 weeks, before taking her back to Manila with him. She will then train with him there for 3-4 additional weeks and they will then certify as a team. She will then work with him on 747's, Airbus 330's and in the airport terminal areas about 6 days a week. These handlers spend a great deal of time on and off duty with their dogs and she will get lots of attention and love! That's all we could have hoped for.