Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pool Party

As a social outing for the foster puppies (and the owners) PAWS hosted a pool party for all the puppies in their yard. They had pools all over the place for the puppies to play in (see the video), and a potluck for all the owners. It was lots of fun for Emmy and for Bill and Amy as they watched their little girl splash and play with the other dogs. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, Emmy is heading in for her X-rays to determine if she is physically ok for service work on August 20th. We are hoping to hear that she has a clean bill of health!!!

Emmy and Emma her sister

Bobbing for treats

Emmy playing in her own pool (don't distract her she is focus on playing with those toys)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The life of a dog...

To be a dog...

I like to color!

Splish, Splash in the sprinklers!

Lindsay & Josie (who is 4.5 lbs!)

Emmy & Josie learn to play together

Josie attempting to play with Emmy's big toys

A few days ago, we went to take Emmy out to the bathroom and we noticed that the sprinkler system was on...but one of them was broken causing an "Old Faithful"-like guiser to erupt on our front lawn. So what did Emmy decide to do? Play in the water of course! It was pretty cute to watch her running through the sprinklers all over the lawn.

Then later that day, Emmy had a visitor! Our friends Chris and Lindsay just got a King Charles Spaniel named Josie. Josie is still very young, but she also was the runt of the litter, so she'll be very small (max. 10 lbs) when she does grow. (To put that in relation to something else...when Emmy came home at 7 weeks old she was 12.5 lbs!). Anyway, Josie came over to meet Emmy and they did very well together. We weren't sure how it would go with such a difference in size of the dogs...but Emmy was very careful with Josie who had quite the brave little spirit! By the end of the night they were good friends..even sharing toys! Thanks for visiting Josie!