Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye Bye Summer

Summer brought lots of fun picnics, outings, and trips to other people's houses!

We even had our friend Duke over to visit...but playing got everyone really tired out!

Emmy also had her first experience swimming...she really liked pool life...such a privileged dog!

But most of all we just enjoyed spending time together!

We apologize for not updating the blog as often recently! We have been enjoying summer a little too much and not keeping you all updated on Emmy! Now that it's September, it's time to say good-bye to summer...and hello to a fun fall. And, we thought we'd recap a few of the fun things that Emmy did at the end of the summer and what's going on with us now!

Emmy has grown quite a bit even in the past month or so. She has really turned into quite a beautiful dog (but of course we're biased!). She is now weighing in just around 60 lbs. And we're pretty sure most of her growing is now done. Look at this gorgeous dog!

Emmy has continued doing lots of her usual outings to work, school, stores, etc. Toward the end of the summer we started bringing her to church with us on Sunday as well...including this morning! She has been doing quite well with it. The biggest getting her to sit still and not army crawl under the pews to visit other people. We're sure that a lot of that will come with age. This morning after church, she was exhausted...which most of the outings still do!

Sleeping in the car on the way home from church.

What a sleepy dog!

Emmy also has a new friend that she has made! Bill and Amy's friends, Ray & Jenn, have a 1 yr. old, Jordan, who has become quite attached to Emmy. They love to play together...and Jordan has become so used to Emmy joining us at meal times with them (they live on campus too) that he always checks under the table to see if she is there!

Emmy, giving Jordan a good sniff to make sure he's ok to hang out with.

1 yr old + 11 month old dog = someone is bound to be blurry in every picture!

And as a last update...Emmy turned 11 months on Saturday! HAPPY 11 MONTHS "E" PUPPIES! To celebrate, we got Emmy some gourmet puppy cookies that were covered in yogurt! YUMMY!

Getting her 11 month birthday cookies!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Elkie comes for a visit

This is Emmy's sister Elkie

Elkie sleeping with her blanket

Elkie and Bill and the football game

A few weeks ago, we did a puppy swap with Elkie who is one of Emmy's sisters! For three days, Elkie came to stay with us, while Emmy went to live with her parents. It certainly was fun to see what another dog is like and we had fun with Elkie. We could definitely see how dogs grow differently based on their surroundings. Being in a college residence hall, there is always noise of doors opening, people walking by, and we live near train tracks so that adds quite a bit too. Emmy has become so accustomed to it that we don't think about it much...but Elkie definitely noticed.

While Elkie was here we got a chance to go to a community picnic being held on Hope's campus and then we went to the first part of Hope's home football game! She did very well at the picnic and had a lot of fun!

Thanks for coming to stay with us Elkie!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New School Year

Another school year has started which means that we have a whole new group of residents! Because of this, we held another "Meet Emmy night" so our new residents could meet our wonderful furry friend and also get all their questions answered about what training a Paws dog is like. We had a great turn out and Emmy loved meeting all of her new friends!

Welcome to College East!