Friday, November 30, 2007

Coffee Table Sleeper?

Emmy seems to have quickly found her favorite spot in the house...the ledge under the coffee table. She especially likes to curl up in there for a little mid-day siesta. Sadly the day will come quickly when she finds she can't fit in there anymore!

Emmy's First Day Out

Sleeping at the Admissions Office

Just keeping Bill's seat warm while he runs an errand.

Playtime with Terika

Naptime under the coffee table

After a long night (Emmy wasn't the biggest fan of being with her siblings...and having to be in a crate) Emmy had a much better day. This morning she visited Amy at work. Amy is an Admissions Representative for Hope College, and Emmy sure did a good job of "recruiting" lots of attention...that is until she passed out in Amy's office. After some recuperating, Emmy went to visit the Student Development staff at Hope as well with Bill. Tonight, some of Bill's friends from seminary came over to visit Emmy...she enjoyed playing with them! In playing with Emmy we also discovered that she really enjoys watching tv....check out the video!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ms. Purple is Emmy!

Today at 1pm we picked up Emmy from PAWS in Wayland. They brought the puppies in in a little crib on wheels...except that most of the puppies found out they could escape through the bars so they all came running. Ms. Purple found us quickly and it turns out that is Emmy! She is so precious and certainly full of a lot of energy! We had a quick obedience lesson of how to work on eye contact and "tummy time". Let's just say that Emmy was not the most attentive student in the class. But, after that we jumped in the car and after some exploring, Emmy was out like a light! Now we're home and we've had a few trips to the bathroom, found a new chew rope that she loves, and right now she's passed out on the floor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Waiting For Emmy

We're a little over 2 weeks away from Emmy's arrival and we're so excited! Today we got word of a blog created by the breeder about Emmy's mom, Cheeto. We don't know which puppy is Emmy yet, but feel free to check out the cute "E" litter...and how much they've grown already!