Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to New York

We got snow in the last few days we were there!

Visiting Teri @ the Health Clinic - getting ready to register some patients!

Learning all about how the lab works at the health clinic!

Out for a walk in the country with grandma!

Visiting Aunt Katherine's house!

Posing with Grandpa for a cute picture!

Watching some TV with Dawn (and later they fell asleep together!!!)

Playing in the leaves!

Emmy and Amy had a great trip to New York. Emmy did very well on the long car ride to New York (12 hours). She was such a trooper and slept most of the way. Once we got there she had a blast hanging out with Amy's parents (aka grandma and grandpa), sister, Amy's grandma, and visiting some of our friends and family. She also LOVED having more yard to run around. We picked a perfect time to go as all the leaves were falling off the trees and Emmy had a blast playing in them (see video below). We also had a little snow while we were there! We also were able to visit with lots of friends and family so we took a trip to see Aunt Katherine at her house and we visited grandma at work at the health center and got to have lunch with Teri there too. We definitely had a great time...and it was hard to leave...but we'll be back for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going on a trip!

Emmy's all packed up...she looks sad but don't be fooled...she'll be excited tomorrow morning when they leave!

As this is being written, Emmy and Amy are packing up and getting ready to head out on a girl's road trip. Amy has to go to New York on a recruiting trip for the Admissions Office and will have the opportunity to stay with her parents while she is out there for 10 days. We thought this would be a great opportunity for the McEwan's to spend some more time with Emmy before she heads back to training in a few months.

Also on a sad note, we received Emmy's final evaluations in the mail...or "the paperwork" as we call it. This is our last evaluation for Emmy and our chance to share everything with the PAWS trainers about Emmy's past year. Once we send those in, they will get back in touch with us to set a date to bring Emmy back in for her formal training. It's a very sad time for us but also we're very excited to see what she'll do! We'll keep you posted as we get more information!

Have a safe trip girls!

Halloween Party

Emmy fashioning her costume

Griffin as Uncle Sam

Kieko as a dinosaur

This week, Emmy had a Halloween party at PAWS Headquarters. All the dogs came in costumes to celebrate the occasion. Emmy went as a college student with her little argyle sweater vest and a messenger bag. She was so cute. We had a little parade of the dogs in costume, a great dinner, and then we also took the dogs through "The Land of Leave-It's"...which was a little Halloween inspired room with things that may scare or tempt the dogs. Emmy did great!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Emmy's ACTUAL Birthday

Today was Emmy's actual birthday! After such a huge celebration this weekend we just celebrated a little together as a family...which included us waking her up this morning with a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She's still trying to recover from all the excitement this weekend...that's what "old age" does to you! As a part of our little celebration we gave Emmy a peanut butter sandwich which was soooo YUMMY! Thanks to Purrs & Gurrs in Fishers, IN for making all of her wonderful birthday treats (

Happy Birthday Emmy!!!

Our little puppy is now one year old!!!! The weekend of her birthday we spent with Bill's parents, and before we celebrated Bill's brother's birthday Saturday celebrated Emmy's birthday, with a little puppy cake for her and everything. Emmy really liked the frosting, and that she got to play with Bill's Mom, Dad, and brothers (you guys are so much fun). Now that we are back home, Emmy is catching up on sleep from all the fetch, frisbee, and football that she played over the weekend with Bill's brothers.

Oh Bob, can I have the toy now? Look how good I am behaving...

I got it!!!! Emmy is great at catching, and flying through the air!!!
Emmy loves to watch airplanes

Hmmm, what is this, woah, that tastes good!!!!