Monday, June 23, 2008

June Time Fun!

Time out from fetch for a water break! Unfortunately, two heads don't both fit in that bowl!

Waiting patiently for Barb to throw the ball!

Everyone practices self control and waiting while Barb throws the ball

Emmy's most recent sleeping/hiding place...inside our closet! Silly pup!

Duke comes to stay for a weekend! Good thing there's enough lap to go around!

Sorry it's been so long since we've posted! The three of us have been enjoying the nice summer weather and using it as a opportunity to do lots of playing and having fun. It's pretty much been life as usual around here though. Emmy just weighed in last week at 53 lbs! YAY! She had been hovering around 50 lbs for so long that we never thought she'd take the leap into what's considered "adult" weight for her. She has really shot up in height the past few months and we think she's just starting another growth spurt which will hopefully help her fill out a little. We know she's growing, but we still think she's small compared to most dogs of her kind. We'll see...she may just be a petite one!

Now that it's summer, Emmy has had a lot of chances to go to work with Amy because the Admissions Office is definitely a lot quieter in the summer months. We set up Emmy's kennel in Amy's office so if there ever is a time when Emmy can't tag along we have a place to put her. Also too, as was the instance a few weeks ago...there are a few occasions when Emmy just isn't having a good day (a.k.a- she ate one of Amy's dress shoes while sitting nicely under the desk!) and needs a little time out. Everyone at work seems to really enjoy having her around and she's handled being in that setting really well.

We also have been spending time with our good friends' dog, Duke. One afternoon, Emmy and Duke had a playdate in the commons area of campus to play around and such. Emmy was a little sad because she had to be on her tie-out and Duke could run around freely but they adjusted pretty quickly. They sure love to play! Two weekends ago, Duke came to stay with us while his parents were out of town and so they both got to play with each other even more. The biggest adjustment has been for Duke actually because he is not used to Emmy being just about as big as him and she wasn't so strong last time they stayed he was very tired by the time he went home.

This summer has also allowed Emmy to experience her first thunderstorm...which didn't really bother her at all. In fact she slept through most of it with no issues! Other than that, Emmy is up to the same old same old...but definitely more well behaved and more mellow than before- YAY for growing up (minus the fact that means that she gets closer and closer to leaving us for the next stage of training with every passing day)!

This week, Bill and Amy are headed to Chicago for their 1st wedding anniversary, and are leaving Emmy with Barb, Carl and Duke too (we have a lovely puppy exchange with them which is great!). She loves going to their house mainly because they have a fenced in yard that she can run free it doesn't hurt that Duke is there too!

Hope everyone is doing well! We promise we'll keep the updates coming more regularly!